While we’re all too aware of the damage that manufacturing has historically done to our planet, we strive to make earth-conscious choices wherever possible, both in our products and behind the scenes. Our Reflect yarns are made with sustainable and recycled materials, and dyed here in the U.S. In lieu of plastic and as an antidote to over-packaging, we use compostable bags and minimal fill as often as we can. Thanks to our lovingly-named “Machine that Eats Cardboard,” Tuft the World now reuses its own cardboard waste to insulate the majority of our products.

In 2021, an employee-run Sustainability committee formed to ensure that we add as little to landfills as possible. We're pleased to contract with local services like Bennett Compost, to lessen our office food and beverage waste, and Rabbit Recycling, who help us dispose of a range of materials beyond Philadelphia's standard recycling program.  

Tuft the World knows that sustainability also means giving back, both environmentally and on the community level. In July 2022, Tuft joined the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, a local organization that brings together businesses with a focus on serving community needs, sharing wealth and protecting the environment. We sponsor the planting of one tree for every order placed in our store through Ecologi, a company combating climate change through reforestation projects around the world (see below for  the number of trees Tuft has planted so far). Since July 2022, Tuft utilizes Planet, an app that helps us offset each shipment making our orders carbon neutral.

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plant a tree with every order
shredded cardboard used for packing
composting on site
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